I had been lamenting to Ariane, the founder and owner of MeAriZe one day last summer, after a couple of futile shopping trips looking for an outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding. I found it difficult to find stylish and attractive clothing for senior women. It seems today’s clothes are targeted to younger women and are too short, too tight or too revealing for the more mature women.

MeAriZe took the concept to heart and created a most stunning and flattering dress and jacket. The Asian influenced top is exquisitely designed in colourful silk. The dress is a timeless elegant sheath that can be worn separately with any number of jackets or sweaters.

I was invited to model the outfit at the Runway for Hope Fashion show, but was reluctant to participate, as there were surely no models my age group in the show, and I had no experience. Finally, I did model and it was so much fun.

In the end I just had to purchase the outfit, and with each wearing the compliments keep coming.

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